• Dynamic Yoga TTM - Pranayama

There are 22 files on this disc.

THE INNER YOGA is a written overview of the place of pranayama in yoga practice, including an expanation of the pranayama technqiues presented aurally.

Breathingroots, pranayam in asana, pranayama and yoga breathing are audio files explaining the some of the significance and subtlety of pranayama practice in stillness and in yoga postures.

There are 17 pranayama practice files.

Start with kapalabatthi class, and do kapabalabati practiec always before using the other files.

Practice them in the following order. However stay with each one till you can do it easily from memory before going on to the next one.

  1. Suxmasvara (horizontal 21 minutes)
  2. suxmasvara-one (vertical 18 minutes)
  3. suxmasvara –mme (vertical 15 minutes)
  4. suxmasvara –subtleties (vertical 18 minutes)
  5. suxmarexaka (vertical 14 minutes)
  6. pranayama as rhythm ( vertical 21 minutes)
  7. mulasvara (horizontal 13 minutes)
  8. suxmarexakamulasvara (horizontal 16 minutes)
  9. suxmareaxakapuraka (vertical 20 minutes)
  10. suxmapuraka (vertical 23 minutes)
  11. suxmapuraka.mme (vertical 18 minutes)
  12. suxmapuraka.ujjayi (vertical 21 minutes)
  13. ujjayi (vertical 24 minutes)
  14. pranayamavinyasa (vertical 24 minutes)
  15. pranayamakrama (vertical 30 minutes)
  16. ujjayikrama (vertical 31 minutes)
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Dynamic Yoga TTM - Pranayama

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