About Us

Satcit.com is the online retailer for Satcit Editorial, an independent publishing company founded by José Luis Cabezas Muñoz


Satcit is dedicated to the truth, to its existence and to its expression. We believe that nothing is more important for the well being and future of humanity than the eradication of the superstition that underlies so much personal and collective anxiety and conflict. We also believe that human beings have a natural affinity for truth, and we are dedicated to nourishing that capacity, so consistently threatened by the relativistic forces of so called post modernism and the dogmatic assumptions of institutionalised power mechanisms. To us nothing is more important, more valauble than the free flow of natural intelligence unhindered by assumption and prejudice. Accordingly we are dedicated to publishing works that directly nourish human intelligence and support genuine autonomy and freedom.

CABEZAS MUÑOZ JOSE LUIS trading as Satcit Editorial is a Spanish registered company.

registered office address:

Satcit Editorial

buzón serreta 9,

Santa gertrudis

07814 ibiza, Islas Baleares


please DO NOT return any faulty or unwanted items to this address. Orders are sent worldwide from our outlet in England and any returns should be sent there. Please contact us by email before sending any returns so we can discuss any issue and ensure the item/s are packaged and shipped properly. Our returns address can be found farther down this page. Please see our terms & conditions of sale for more information on when it is acceptable to return items to us.